MOCKE double lined paddling shorts




Most of us paddle in lycra shorts, and there's loads of options to choose from but very few of them are designed with the unique demands kayaking in mind. You'll find a pair of shorts you like then end up wearing holes in them in no time because they weren't up to the task or get a lovely looking pair only to realise they feel terrible on the seat, or they have a seam that rubs.

Luckily for you the MOCKE paddling shorts have been designed specifically for kayaking. The Mocke brothers are both excellent paddlers and you can tell they know what's important when you pop a pair of these shorts on and go for a paddle.

They are thick material and double lined so that you can get some movement on your seat and paddle freely. Plus, you won't cut yourself up on the seat like you would with many thin shorts! Add to that the fact that the stitching and the cut is chosen to prevent chafing and you've got a wonderfully comfortable pair of shorts.

Loads of international teams give their paddlers double lined shorts as they really are wonderful for paddling, so go on treat yourself and you'll never look back. Suitable for flatwater kayaking and surf ski.


  • Double lined
  • Kayaking specific cut
  • Draw string
  • Uni sex
  • Free UK shipping

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