MOCKE Paddle Leash


£10.00 £19.00


The MOCKE Paddle Leash lets you attach your paddle to your boat so that you don't loose your paddles if you fall in and swim. When you are not in the surf zone you can also use the MOCKE Paddle Leash to stop you loosing your craft during capsize. We do strongly advise however that for this purpose you invest in the MOCKE Life Line Calf Leash as it is designed to keep you connected to your craft even in rough conditions.

  • Adjustable paddle strap that fits around the paddle shaft
  • Made from 4mm shock-chord, very strong
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect length


  • Attach to your craft using the loop at the end of the leash
  • Attach adjustable Velcro paddle strap to fit around the paddle shaft
  • Allow room for movement along the shaft
  • Warning: Do not use the paddle leash as a regular tether for wave riding

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