Bungee with resistance balls (big or small balls)

Gentoo Sports



We are not planning to re stock bungees - if you want to get hold of large balls for bungees we recommend you look at kentandcleal, as discussed on our blog here.


Bungees for kayaking and canoeing made with 5 mm bungee cord and three or four balls to give varying resistance. A classic training aid among kayakers and canoeists to let you do some hard resistance work or slower paced technique drills.

Small balls are golf ball sized.

The big balls are just over 6cm diameter, roughly tennis balls size, so they provide more resistance than the common small golf ball sized balls.

If you would like a mix of big balls and small balls just leave comment on the order page and we will make one with whatever combination you like.

Colours will vary. (Big balls are blue, green, yellow or red. Small balls white or yellow). If you would like specific colours just ask.

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