Resistance Bands

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We use resistance bands in our training all the time. They are wonderfully versatile and great for a huge range of exercises. They can be used for a range of stretches and rehab exercises like face pulls and external rotator cuff exercises.

They can be used in to give accommodating resistance to common exercises like bench press and squats, by attaching them to the bar you make the exercise harder at the top where you are normally stronger and can overload the whole range of movement of the exercise. This is commonly used in powerlifting programs.

They are also really handy in commercial gyms when there is a lot of demand for the cable machines, lots of the exercises that you would do on a cable machine you can do with a band or two, e.g. tricpes press downs, face pulls, curls and pallof presses.

Our bands are top quality, we've given them a full testing ourselves in our training and they have stood up to the workload easily. They are a staple in our kit bags and we would recommend them to everyone.

  • 100% latex rubber resistance bands from Gentoo Sports
  • Red are the lightest, 1.3 cm wide, 3-15 kg resistance
  • Black are heavier, 2.1 cm wide, 5-22 kg resistance
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